Borje Salming Biography

The full name of Borje Salming is Anders Borje Salme. He was born on 17th of April in the year 1951. This great player has been nicknamed The King. Borje is a retired ice hockey player. He represented the Swedish Professional ice hockey team. Borje played in the position of the defenceman in the particular game of ice hockey.  The teams for which this particular player played the game were Brynas IF, Detroit Red Wings, AIk, Toronto Maple Leafs and Kiruna AIF.

When Borje Salming started to play the particular game of ice hockey, there were hardly any players from the European countries that could make an impact in the National Hockey League or NHL. It was him, who first succeeded in making a strong impact by playing the game very well and achieving many awards. People say that Borje made the foundation stone for the ice hockey game in the European Countries. After him many players evolved form this particular region that later made many records. In the year 1996, the name of Borje Salming was included in the Hockey Hall of Fame.

Borje is regarded as one of the best player in the particular position of defenceman in game of ice hockey. He is said to be the wall in the game of ice hockey because of strong capability of defending the ball. In his era, there were no other players in the position of defenceman whose name could be compared with the name of Borje. He played for the team of Sweden in the International level of ice hockey. He was a very successful player of his age and regarded as one of the best player of the game of all times. He was also included in the all star team of ice hockey.

This great player took birth in Salmi which is situated in Jukkasjarvi forsamling which is a small village in Kiruna. This particular place is situated very close to Tornetrask. The name of Borje’s father was Erland. He was a Saami by origin and the name of his mother was Karin. Karin was a Swedish by origin. The surname of his paternal grandfather was Saari which was later changed to Salming. This change was done according to the name of the village where this particular player was born. Erland was a mine worker. Borje Salming lost his father at a very young age of five years. Since childhood he concentrated on this particular game by following the footsteps of his elder brothers.

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